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Your babies life is lived Day by Night thanks to things like SIDS. How I cope with that fear can help you be more present and love more deeply.

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How I guide my customers through purchasing a great hand coffee grinder. Less jargon and what to look for to get bang for your buck.
PLUS a bonus travel hack.

Marcus Aurelius most likely penned his journals, the Meditations, whilst on campaign in Europe c. AD 170–175.

This passage reads like a dolled up version of a millennial’s apathetic Tumblr account. Like most of Meditations though there’s is a lot to gleam from it with an eye of reflection

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An amalgamation of practices from Tim Ferriss, Marcus Aurelius and Jocko Willink.

A riff on the “5 Min Journal” as he called it. Its simple, short and thought provoking. Much like this article.


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Millennial Parenting

Its 2020 in New Zealand, Australia's on fire. America is being ran by one of the strangest men in the world. The coronavirus is the new SARS. Also I can’t get enough hours at work.

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Making coffee? pfft any monkey can learn that right? dead end career, pretentious culture and failed university degrees. I’ll explain how that’s all wrong.




noun: barista; plural noun: baristas

1. a person who serves in a coffee bar.

2. Italian for ‘Barman’

Video Games and Books Collide

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Understanding this brings compassion and peace.

Two fuckery free ways to make your life infinitely better.
In 3 minutes or less.

Almost everyone can be framed in two different ways. Active and Reactive. Knowing the difference and identifying it will save you a hell of a lot of drama.


Luke J Barnett

Stoic parenting, compassion based leadership and coffee.

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