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Your babies life is lived Day by Night thanks to things like SIDS. How I cope with that fear can help you be more present and love more deeply.

CW: discussions about the death of newborns

Since becoming a father 6 months ago life has changed dramatically as you'd imagine. The sleepless nights coupled with low productivity at work where I was essentially a paid zombie; I knew all about.

Every parent I’ve known has complained about the first few months and depending on how far away from that period they are; also shares stories of wild shit they did in a state of delirium.

That didn't rattle me, there was a myriad of other ways that fathering a child took me by surprise. From the strange reaction people…

By Tatiana Syrikova

Millennial Parenting

I thought I had it all figured out. Then I had a Son

I have written several pieces during sleep deprived frenzies since my son was born. They never made it to being published; since my brain fog had continued to hold such a grip. Hence the writing date and publishing date are quite far apart.

This was written about 6 months post partum and is being edited and published at 10 months.

Many things about being a father have been hard to conceive; let alone feel like I can actually take action on.

Since it was 2020, I like many people I interact with, had a laundry list of concise stances that…

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How I guide my customers through purchasing a great hand coffee grinder. Less jargon and what to look for to get bang for your buck.
PLUS a bonus travel hack.

I’m a coffee guy if my swath of articles about coffee didn't already tell you that. I brew it, run a coffee shop and sell coffee brewing gear every day. I am repeatedly asked about coffee grinders. Its the first port-of-call for making your at home coffee significantly better.

What coffee grinder to buy though? more importantly, what's the BEST CHEAP coffee grinder? Jump online or ask your local barista and it doesn't take long to realize that grinding coffee is both complicated and expensive.

Let me explain to you, as I do to my customers. How, why and what…

Marcus Aurelius most likely penned his journals, the Meditations, whilst on campaign in Europe c. AD 170–175.

This passage reads like a dolled up version of a millennial’s apathetic Tumblr account. Like most of Meditations though there’s is a lot to gleam from it with an eye of reflection

A couple of weeks back I wrote a bit about what I called Stoic Journaling. A versatile and concise way to journal daily and get a lot more out of it than a “Dear Diary” or the ever popular bullet journal.

Since then I’ve had several people ask about my daily “Meditations on Meditations” as I call them and suggested I might want to write them up if anything for a running log of how my thinking around it has changed since embarking on it a year or so ago.

What's following is the first entry of Meditations on Meditations…

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An amalgamation of practices from Tim Ferriss, Marcus Aurelius and Jocko Willink.

A little over a year ago I begun my latest journal. I’ve done it all over the years. Dream Journals, Free Writing; Goal journals and the now in vogue Bullet Journal.

It almost never ever sticks. Generally I get about two months. 16 months ago I tried a version of journaling stolen from Tim Ferriss.

A riff on the “5 Min Journal” as he called it. Its simple, short and thought provoking. Much like this article.

Break your page into three sections

Grateful —

Yesterday —

Today —

In each section you write only 3 points.


This isn’t hard; think of three things your grateful for. It seems easy to start with. Grateful for my health or that the world is…

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Millennial Parenting

Its 2020 in New Zealand, Australia's on fire. America is being ran by one of the strangest men in the world. The coronavirus is the new SARS. Also I can’t get enough hours at work.

At home the housing market is exploding through the roof. The upper-middle classes cant afford a home without incredible amounts of debt. Let alone the middle classes and lower. We have wage stagnation. Poverty. Every small change that this current coalition manages to get though is offset by people that benefit off the poor.


Life seems pretty bleak at the moment. But it seemed pretty bleak during the cold war as well and the great depression and also, the great war. Yet that’s no reason to not pop out a baby.

Which seems like something odd for me, a…

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Making coffee? pfft any monkey can learn that right? dead end career, pretentious culture and failed university degrees. I’ll explain how that’s all wrong.




noun: barista; plural noun: baristas

1. a person who serves in a coffee bar.

2. Italian for ‘Barman’

Seems a bit simple doesn’t it?

In tradition a barista is a professional trained in making and serving espresso. A barista will work in a coffee shop, cafe of coffee house. You will sometimes see them in bars or coffee carts.

Its a profession that’s lauded and mocked by pop culture, not to mention as a career prospect its viewed as dead end.

Most people will get pretty wild if someone has the gall to pay a barista much…

Is there a better match than video games and books? The visual and the literary smashed together. There’s obvious ones, the Witcher video games and the books and now even the Netflix series. Metro 2033 and the now staple survivor games of the same name. Video-games and their adaptations go hand in hand which makes sense.

This week though, I stumbled across a new way to enhance my “internal movie” while reading

By matching the right videgames with the right books you create significantly more vivid and immersive reading experiences.

Video Games and Books Collide

Rockstars 2018 Red Dead Redemption 2 took home an assortment…

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Understanding this brings compassion and peace.

“Where’s the sugar? this coffee’s bitter.” Meeting his stern gaze “oh right here mate, one or two?” “one” John takes a sip while I look on concerned. My raised brows meet his furrowed ones. “Meh.” John turned and left.

That morning had been long, I felt like crap for some reason and my better half was having another rough day of anxiety. Typical of some rude guy to make it worse.

The rude guy became one of our regulars in the coming weeks. His name was John and that first morning he had come from the hospital. …

Two fuckery free ways to make your life infinitely better.
In 3 minutes or less.

In my long 27 years on this tiny blue marble I’ve attempted and failed at countless amounts of self improvement methods.

Everything from yoga habits which never stuck and self-help books with soundtracks to listen to while you sleep; to making videos telling my future self how stupid it was to eat a packet of Tim Tams, a ice cream and a large Red Bull in the space of 15 minutes.

They all, failed. I’m still a sucker for it though. I can’t help but click on the “5 Daily Habits of Successful People” or the now wildly common “Here’s…

Luke J Barnett

Stoic parenting, compassion based leadership and coffee.

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